Virtual Pet Show

Join us on Sunday 5th February in person or submit a photo of your pet...

...and you could win lots of prizes!

It's that time of year again!

Once again, our Annual Pet Show returns!

Is your cat oozing with coolness, or your pet goldfish the biggest goof ball to ever swim? What about your pig's personality? Or your snake's charm?

Well you can turn these beautiful quirks into prizes when you enter them in our 2022 Virtual Pet Show. And you can do it from virtually anywhere!

With categories such as Best Dressed, Handsome at Home and Coolest Trick, you are sure to find somewhere that you talented pet can fit.

As always, all proceeds go to the various charities supported by The Rotary Club of South East Nassau. You would be helping to support our community service initiatives, and you could win lots of prizes!

All you have to do is choose the categories you wish to enter, join us on the day or submit your photos/videos and pay the corresponding entry fee.

You can submit your photos by e-mail or upload them directly to our website, and our Fundraising Team can assist you if required.

International entries are welcome, and all prizes for international winners will be digitally delivered.

In-person entries will be judged on Sunday 5th February at Collins House



  • Best Dressed

  • Prettiest Pet

  • Cutest Eyes

  • Handsome Hunk

  • Scruffiest Mess

  • Most Like Owner

  • Waggiest Tail

  • Coolest Trick

  • Photos / Videos

    You may only enter photos/videos of pets owned by you or by members of your family, and entries without a corresponding payment will not be accepted for judging.


    Entries must be e-mailed to and include the following information:

    1. Full name
    2. City/country
    3. Cellphone number
    4. E-mail address
    5. Pet's name
    6. Category

    All entries will be displayed on our website.
    Only the pet's name will be visible to anyone viewing the website.

    Closing Date

    Entries paid before 31st January 2023 will be given a free raffle ticket, but we accept entries until the day of the pet show itself. Register early or simply turn up on the day!

    Acceptable Formats

    In-person entries must be at Collins House at 12 noon (midday) on Sunday 5th February 2023 in order to register and be judged.

    Photo submissions must be in JPG, JPEG or PNG format.
    Any other format will not be accepted.

    Video submissions are only accepted for Waggiest Tail and Coolest Trick.
    These must be in MP4 format with a maximum duration of 30seconds.
    Longer videos (or videos in any other format) will not be accepted for judging.

    Entry Fees

    Entry fees vary depending on the number of categories you wish to enter.

    • $10 for one category
    • $25 for three categories
    • $50 for all eight categories

    Any entries without a corresponding payment will not be accepted for judging.


    Payment must be made via one of the following payment options:

    • Bank Transfer (to CIBC Account #201624396 c/a RCSEN)
    • Online Payment
    • Cheque
    • Cash